What is TRON-Europe?

TRON-Europe is a Super Representative of the TRON Blockchain. We have made it our goal to represent and promote TRON in Europe and use our rewards to increase the value of the TRX Coin.

To learn more about TRX in generall visit our FAQ-Page.


Who is TRON-Europe?

The following member are some of the core team of TRON-Europe. But there are a lot more people in and around our community who do a lot for us! We will provide a complete team page soon!

Dirk Frank

Founder & Initiator of

Maik Schierholz

Head of Social Media

Sarah Hohn


Marco Jäger

Head of DExchange

Gregor Tappeiner

Community Manager

Roy Mikes

Community Manager

Dr. Jörg Ernst

Community Manager
Head of Forum

Dinko Dimov

Community manager


Community Manager

Andy Schmid

Head of Website

Trond Hov


How do we increase the value of TRX?

We think an independent and decentralized infrastructure is the base to build a beautiful DApp ecosystem on top of it.
What we will do:


We operate 3 high-performance hardware servers in each EU country with the fastest possible Internet connection.
We plan to put three new servers into operation every month.

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Local Teams

We build local Teams and Communites in every European country to maintain our Infrastructure, creat DApps and spread the News about TRON in the different Countries.

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Decentralized applications with a real usecase increase the awareness and the value of Tron. We promote this by supporting local developers.


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Daily Business

We support companies in the development of applications and the introduction of TRON into their daily business.


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Our main node is located in Frankfurt (DE). Its probably the best place to locate a server because it is the main internet hub from Europe.

Our mainnode “tron-europe-v1” has the following specs:
– 48 core processor of the newest generation 
– 256GB RAM
– 2x 10Gb/s internet connection  

We are running a hardware node wich is placed in a independet computing centre. So we are not dependet on any cloud company at all. So our node is even faster than every virtual node who is hosted by a cloud company.

After our election to a Super Representative we will place 3 hardware servers of these kind in every European Country.

Local Teams 

We support local communities in every country and build teams of engaged members to take care of our infrastructure and develope decentralized applications.

For the beginning we have Telegram-Channels for every country so for everyone who is interessted in TRON, Blockchain and TRON-Europe there are already people who speak their language and provide support for all their questions. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. We connect people within their country and across whole europe.

Telegram Channels


Applications running on the blockchain are decentralized and therefore they are called dApps (decentralized applications).
The more dApps there are, the more users will use them and the more people will know and use TRON. This will automatically have an effect on the price and lead to a constant increase in value.

TRON-Europe will support and reward the development of such dApps to help create a whole ecosystem on the TRON Blockchain.

Daily Business 

In order to push the value of TRON even further, it is necessary that TRON arrives in daily business. We have made it our goal to establish TRON as a means of payment even in large businesses and support them in understanding what TRON is and how TRON can be integrated as a means of payment in their day-to-day business.

With our local teams and the already established dApps we are in an optimal position to enter the mass market and convince the big companies of the value and usability of TRON.