How to Vote for SR-TRON-Europe

How to Vote for SR-TRON-Europe

A step-by-step guide how to vote for SR-TRON-Europe


At first Visit and sign in to your account. login login


Be sure that your TRX balance has at least 1 TRX. To add money to your wallet, use your public address to send money to your wallet.

To be able to vote, you have to freeze your TRX. This will create “Tron Power” and give you power to vote. This does not cost you TRX, it will only lock them for a period of 3 days. During these three days, your TRX cannot be traded. Only after can you unfreeze the tokens and trade as you normally would. Click the “Freeze” button to freeze the tokens and create the Tron Power.


Enter in how many TRX tokens you would like to freeze. You must confirm that you understand that the TRX tokens will be frozen for at least 3 days. Click “Freeze Balance” to continue.

You will be notified how many of your tokens  have been successfully frozen.



On the “Tron Voting” page, you will see the display which shows the time until the next round of voting, total votes and the team with the most ranks gained. Click the red box that says “Click Here to Start Voting” to begin the voting process.



Select SR-TRON-Europe and enter the amount of votes you like.


Now you can klick on “Submit Votes” on the top of the screen.


You will be notified that your vote was successful.


That was all. After 3 Days you can unfreeze your TRX. But please keep in mind if you unfreez your TRX also your Votes will be gone.

And dont miss, that you will receive rewards for voting for SR-TRON-Europe!