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We build a decentral and independent infrastructure and help TRON to increase its value!

Please change your votes from Tron-Europe to SR-TRON-Europe 

Tron Europe was founded by the Community and still consists only of members of the Community. Unfortunately we had to find out that there are people who have the urge for illegality. Thus it came to the fact that a team member was robbed. After in-depth research the person was removed from the team. After this, the former team member illegally obtained the Private Key to the TRON Europe SR Wallet and since then regularly steals from Tron Europe and thus from the entire community, as this of course slows down all projects. All this was reported to the police.
These thefts had the consequence that the Rewards were sometimes distributed delayed in the recent past and Dirk Frank, Founder of Tron Europe, had to pay these Rewards with his own, private money.
We, SR-TRON-Europe, want to remain a constant and reliable super representative and have therefore decided to change the SR account to prevent future thefts.
So we ask all our loyal voters to transfer their votes to our new SR account as soon as possible.
The address of the new SR account(SR-TRON-Europe) is: TN2MEB71iox2mDwwngdTrUyUZXeENcb79F
We will double the rewards in the next 3 days on all votes for the new account. (approx. 70 TERC per 100.000 votes) The Rewards for votes on the old account will stop next payround.
We thank you for your support and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Your Team
(Vote for SR-TRON-Europe not Tron-Europe)

What is TRON-Europe?

What is TRON-Europe going to do as a representative of TRON? What is the advantage of having an own server network? Other Advantages beside beeing independent and why such a big network? What is the purpose of it? What customers are we talking about?

So many Questions – find the answers in our video or follow this link:

What is TRON-Europe?


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Tron-Europe Reward Coin

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